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Extending the Capabilities of QuickBooks

Extending the Capabilities of QuickBooks

As much as I like QuickBooks as a application, in my profession as Intuit Remedy Company, I regularly see restrictions in QuickBooks. So I keep my sight start for items that I think would be valuable for some of my customers. When I'm looking for an alternative, I want good incorporation with QuickBooks, ideally easy to make and use, and reasonably cost. That becomes smaller the field! I also limit my record to just a few applications so that I can be more acquainted with them and more employed to my customers.

When I first observed about Technique Integration, I said - I don't get it. What's a portal? A few several weeks later I joined another web seminar about the item with some very tangible QuickBooks illustrations. Now, I saw the mild and came away very thrilled about how it could increase QuickBooks' ability, how quickly, and how reasonably. So, I stayed to understand the system in more detail and qualified. Technique deal with several different places of disadvantages in QuickBooks yet you're spending for just one solution and can personalize it to match your exclusive business.

Here are just a few methods Technique can perform with QuickBooks:

    You can have real-time synchronize - without having to personally simply just click synchronize, or Data file, Transfer, or anything other than preserve the access.
    You can accessibility your QuickBooks slightly - and your QuickBooks computer file doesn't have to be start.
    You can have several customers in QuickBooks but you don't need a QuickBooks certificate for each user; actually you can have more than a few number of customers in QuickBooks Pro with Technique.
    You can have more Customized Areas using Technique than you can in QuickBooks. And, you can use Customized Areas in Technique where QuickBooks doesn't have any. An example is custom fields for Expenses from Providers.
    You can relabel fields. For example, you can contact Clients "Clients" or relabel Sessions to Divisions.
    You can personalize details access displays in methods you can't in QuickBooks.
    You can management accessibility so much better. In reality, you can even limit their accessibility just a few particular dealings. And, this keeps customers out of your actual QuickBooks details file
    If you have a Mac customer and a PC customer, both accessibility the same computer file.
    Technique has a better review trail; you can monitor who made changes to details, such as Clients, Providers, Products.
    You can make drop-down details, to either make details access simpler or to keep customers out of other places. E.g. you can offer a fall down record for a revenue rep of only their customers instead of having accessibility the whole record.

There are three different stages of Technique - distant, CRM and full-blown. Remote Access is the beginning. At this stage, you can accessibility QuickBooks, set up custom fields, change the details access displays, and limit accessibility.

The next stage up is Technique CRM(Customer Regards Management) - you get all the primary functions of distant but the capabilities of a CRM system. Technique CRM has two aspects: revenue management and situation management.

1. For revenue management, Technique allows you monitor promotion strategies, possibilities and various revenue actions. You can sustain your record of connections right within of Technique but keep them out of QuickBooks until they become a customer or customer - and you don't need to reenter any type of details for QuickBooks. Technique CRM also combines with Perspective such as e-mails and arranging sessions and actions. From a manager's perspective, they can perspective a dash panel and statistics on leads, customers and team.

2. Some companies need to monitor various specialized or assistance problems with customers. With Technique CRM, the payments can be designed in Technique (and sent to QuickBooks), but the particular problems, who was allocated to the situation, position, concern, and feedback are all managed in Technique. Again, the dash panel and statistics can help recognize troublesome places as well as effective solutions.

In the full-blown stage, moreover to Remote accessibility and Technique CRM, you get market particular applications and a free-form data source. Two market applications that come at this stage are Technique Factory and Technique Area Solutions. As more are designed, you instantly get them - no late charges.

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